Introducing Tick

15 September 2019

We thought it about time you met the third (and arguably most important) member of our team on this great Australian adventure.

So here he is, Tick.

Oops, no, not that Tick! That’s Tick as portrayed by Hugo Weaving in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

This is Tick the Toyota. For the petrol heads, specifically a Toyoto Land Cruiser 200 Series V8 turbo diesel.

Carefully chosen for his off road worthiness and in white for the heat he will take us through the middle of Australia and back along the coast on (**SPOILER ALERT**) roads like these

over sand and gravel, even through dry creeksand lakes, kicking up dust behind him.

With a range of 1100km per tank of diesel he is capable of taking us through the longest stretches of the Outback although at 21 miles to the gallon he’s not the most economical.

In Brisbane we made some adaptations to Tick to make sure he met all our needs on our long road trip. With a little assistance from Bella, Stefan attached a side awning to the roof rack to give us all important shade from the sun. We took out the rear two seats to make way for the fridge and drawers that would become our kitchen. And we decided we didn’t need the big spotlights for night driving. We had seen too many dead kangaroos to want to to risk adding to their number by driving in the dark.

Tick is big! As Richard Hammond once said of the Land Cruiser “So big if you get in one end and out the other you are in a different time zone“! But by the time we have filled him up with our tent, chairs, table, stove, bedding, food, water, gas bottles and bags we have no room for any passengers. At the same time Tick provides our transport, kitchen, bedroom and living room. We literally have everything including the kitchen sink in the back.

And so far he has been very well behaved, taking this huge great adventure in his stride.

He has yet to unleash his inner Mitzi but there is still time…

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